Honda Prelude Gen 5 Sadly Has To Go :(

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Honda Prelude Gen 5 Sadly Has To Go :(

Postby dibbs » Tue Jul 16, 2013 10:18 pm

Hi, the time has come to move on, the Gen 5 needs a new home and loving owner. Some members of the club Know this car quite well and have expressed their love for it and to be honest I am sad to have to let her go but needs must as I know have a company van so the Lude is just sitting on the road and feeling unloved, so here is a few bits of info to which I will probably miss a lot more so if interested and have a question please ask.

First off brand new MOT, but tax expires end of July, recent full service and cam belt only done about 3k ago. currently at 140k approx but hey it is jap so pretty much bullet proof.
It has the Montegi styling and is running the 2.0l i non v-tec engine, which is the jdm high lift cam 16v model, this is the front wheel drive not the 4 wheel steer unfortunately.
The car is the 99 model so one of the last made and will be on a T plate as the plates in the picture will not be going with it...sorry.
Modifications that have been done are adjustable coil overs which run quite hard as also on 18" wheels, rear box which is a bit loud but only when revved, tints done by Mr Page so you know they have been done properly, deep black sunstrip and a bit of carbon styling on the dash. The head unit is currently a double din 7" touch screen with bluetooth but this will only be included depending on price or deal struck if not I have the original tape head unit with 10 disc multi changer ready to go back in.

Bad points are a couple of small dents nothing major but they are there and a bit of paint wear mainly from me polishing and mopping so much when I was a valeter, this said I will valet before the new owner takes her on. :)
The first pic is the most recent if interested or have any questions please in box me and I will get back to you. :)

Looking for around the £1300 mark as this is a great little car but I am willing to consider a part exchange with cash my way depending on what you have, ideally want either a people carrier jap of coarse lol or and estate as have a dog now so could do with the boot room.



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