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First of all welcome to south west japanese car club.

Club Terms & Conditions of SWJCC (Club & Internet Forum)
Membership of this site is completely free. It is run by a team of like-minded Japanese car enthusiasts who give their time freely to help the smooth running of the club, whilst promoting a friendly & informative knowledgebase to help our members. The rules outlined below are merely a guide. Attempts to circumvent, bend or to go against the spirit of the rules can result in a warning, a suspension, or if problems still continue, a permanent ban from this Club & Forum. The spirit of the rules is as important as the rules themselves.

This is a friendly club and we hope all members will act respectfully towards each other. This also includes Authorised Traders. You can always agree to disagree, don’t make or take things personally. Most of us here are grown up enough to get on nicely with each other, but a few may come & go who like to make life difficult for others. Bullying of any sort, blasphemy or racism will not be tolerated.

Censorship - The Moderators/Admin are not here to censor your views or opinions. However we reserve the right to remove/edit/change posts as we see fit to keep within the Clubs Terms & Conditions & legal responsibilities, whilst promoting a friendly atmosphere, and the smooth running of the forum. SWJCC reserves the right to remove any or all posts by members to deliberately promote other websites or internet forums. If you wish to do so, please ask a member of the Moderating Team before you post any such links. Members persistently spamming the forum will have posts removed without warning and risk being permanently banned from the club.

Moderators & SWJCC Admin are to be respected at all times, they have a difficult job to do. Be courteous & polite to the SWJCC Team. It costs nothing. If you have any issues that you feel are not being resolved with a Club Member or Moderator, please contact Admin staff that can then look into any problems. We are all human & can sometimes make mistakes. Please inform us if we do so. Moderators do not edit posts for the fun of it.
When posts are edited by a moderator, they should always show a reason for the edit. This is not the case when a whole post or thread has had to be removed. You will find all of our team is approachable, so if you have a question, don’t be afraid to ask. However deliberately kicking up a fuss for no reason other than to cause trouble will result in a warning, a suspension, or if problems still continue, a permanent ban from this Club & Forum.

Unsocial or Illegal Behaviour - Any form of dangerous or illegal driving on the public highway IS NOT in any way advocated by http://www.SWJCC.co.uk nor will it be tolerated if publicised, promoted or encouraged by club members (more so if it involves SWJCC Members). Any behaviour that brings the reputation of this Club, website and forum into disrepute will not be tolerated. This includes Club Meets & driving to & from them. This can mean a warning, a suspension, or permanent ban from this Club & Forum.

Caps Lock - Please refrain from leaving your caps lock on when you are posting. It is impolite; you do not need to shout. Continued misuse may result in a warning, a suspension, or if problems still continue, a permanent ban from this Club & Forum.

Profanity - Not everyone who views this site is liable to be over 18. There are swear filters on the forum (PLEASE DONT MAKE ME TURN THEM ON!) ,out and are not an invitation to try and get around them. As an SWJCC member, if you witness forum content or activity that you feel is unsuitable, please bring it to the attention of our team as soon as possible. Please keep it as clean as possible !

Official Trading Partners &Trading on SWJCC - Our trading partners are expected to remain within the rules and the spirit of the club at all times. Be respectful to members & fellow traders alike. You can disagree by all means, but you must remain respectful. If there is a problem, please notify a member of our Admin staff .There will be no libel or slander of SWJCC Members, Traders, websites, persons or businesses. If you are interested in placing an advertising banner or link on our forum, or just purely offering a discount to our members please contact a member of staff for further information.

Libel or Slander - SWJCC take no responsibility over comments that may be deemed libel or slander on our forum. We cannot monitor the forum 24 hours a day. If you feel a comment is unfair/libellous, firstly please contact admin staff to advise us of the issue. We will undertake any action that is deemed necessary on behalf of SWJCC to protect the club from legal liabilities & will do our very best to remain fair. If the information is deemed by us to be slander or libellous, or being in connection with any serious legal matter to which an investigation is underway, or a criminal case or other legal case is pending etc we will remove it without warning. Members or traders deliberately libelling or slandering others will have their SWJCC account suspended, possibly permanently.

Enforcement of these rules will be at the discretion of SWJCC Admin & Moderators. Punishment may range from a warning, a suspension, or if problems still continue, a permanent ban from this Club & Forum. These rules are subject to change without warning, but SWJCC will try to ensure members are aware of any rule changes.

Best regards SWJCC team
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