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Swjcc reboot

PostPosted: Sun Nov 03, 2013 2:46 pm
by LEX11S
Morning lady's and gentleman

This is a quick post to say that as my 2.5 year car project is nearly
Finished ( the Lexus ) I'm going to get the club back up and running

With pub meets in different areas so to do local ones for
People that are not in Poole or bournemouth so I'm looking for a couple of
People that DONT live in bournemouth Poole Christchurch to be a member
Of staff to organise pub meets in there area for everyone ( please could you send me
A pm telling me what you think you could do for the club and any past work you have
Done for any other clubs and have the spare time to help )

As we all know at the moment there's no big shows on as its winter
But that's not to stop us meeting up at a pub for lunch / dinner or even doing a
Breakfast meet ?

Anyway I've chatted on long enough so let me know what you think

Cheers Matt