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Postby Fox » Mon Jul 04, 2011 11:23 pm

I've been driving for too many years to remember all cars I've had but here's what I can remember, I'm going back 33 years plus here.... In no particular order... No pics I'm afraid, cameras had'nt been invented back then :lol:

Granite wheel
Horse and cart.......
But really.

Ford classic capri
sunbeam rapier
Hillman imp
Singer gazelle
Triumph herald
Reliant rebel (Yes a 3 wheeler)
Mk2 cortine
Mk3 cortina
Capri 2ltr v4 Mk1
sierra estate
toyota landcruiser
Renault laguna
vw transporter
Vauxhall vectra
Vauxhall viva
Morris Marina
Mini x 2
Nissan Micra
Ford KA
Fiesta Mk1

And my current and Fav

Mazda eunos (MX5) 1.6
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